Council & Boards


President (2017-2019) Dave Neely
Vice-President (2018-2020)
Ron Hinkle
Recording Secretary (2017-2019) Karen Baker
Treasurer (2018-2020)
Jennifer Simis

Ex Officio

Pastor Rev. R. Scott Lohman

Board Chairs

Board of Christian Education and Youth Ministries (2017-2019) vacant
Board of Church Properties (2017-2019) – Grounds Paul Simis
Board of Church Properties (2017-2019) – Inside Properties Clay Wriedt
Board of Fellowship (2018-2020) Lois Durr and Maryanne Warne
Board of Finance (2017-2019) Judy Neely
Board of Outreach (2018-2020) Lydia Berrong and Carolyn Jones
Board of Worship (2018-2020)
Peggy Earnhardt
Board of Elders (2016-2019) John Cangelosi


Elder (2018-2021)
John Stow
Elder (2014-2017)

"To Grow in the Lord and To Make Him Known"