13 December, 2020 – Worship Service and Advent Announcements

Here is the Worship Service for December 13, 2020.


If you haven’t voted, VOTE NOW! – North Carolina Executive Order 173 allows us to vote by e-mail using a ballot. (This order is an extension of prior executive orders on remote shareholder/non-profit meetings during the CoVid-19 state of emergency.)

That said, our elections run during the summer for Church Council candidates stands.

The Advent Church Council has approved the below roof project and recommends a “Yes” vote. Please vote “Yes” or “No” for the project listed below, and return your vote to krobortel@gmail.com

This past January at the Voters’ Meeting where the Budget was discussed, we talked about the church roof and the fact that it was near the end of its life. The time has indeed come to replace it. After discovering a new leak in the Ladies’ room, we asked several roofing companies to submit bids, and in the inspections that followed, we have learned that God has been generous with us that we have not had more problems up until now. We have photographic proof that there are popped nails, gaps, rotten wood, leaky flashing and brittle shingles. Check out Roof Pictures here.

Thankfully, Advent budgets for years have been allocating money to our Capital Fund for just such a purpose and we currently have $28,000 to dedicate to a new roof. The bids we have received have been in the $31,000-$33,000 range with probably a bit more needed to cover any repairs necessary once the old roof is removed. We do have savings outside of the Capital Fund that would cover the extra needed.

We are asking the congregation to approve the use of the extra savings required to get the roof replaced. The Council members all received detailed info from one of the bidding companies that can be forwarded to anyone who would like to learn more, and questions about the roof condition or bids should be directed to Paul Simis Paul’s email or 919-621-2200. Questions about financing should be directed to our treasurer Jennifer Simis’s email or 919-621-8777.

Communion Service – December 16!

Join us for Communion! On December 16, Advent will have a live/in-person communion service.

The services will be at 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., so there are multiple opportunities to sign-up.

In addition, due to CoVid-19 challenges, the following are important to note:

-We ask that people remain in their vehicle until just a couple of moments prior to the service they attend. (In other words, unfortunately, we ask that you not come into the church 10-15 minutes early to pray/meditate.)
-Additionally, we ask that you would not congregate to have reunion discussions in the building. (Remember distancing and masks!)
-We will have limitations on the number of people attending, so there is space for physical distancing.
-We will be keeping these Communion Services at 15 minutes to less the amount of exposure for people.
-The 7 p.m. services can only be signed-up for one time per attendee/family for all the dates provided.
-Masks will be required until you receive the Lord’s Supper.
-Sign-ups are needed prior to the services.

Members and Friends of Advent, get a hold Pastor Scott at Pastor’s Direct Email, if you have questions or you wish to sign-up.

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